Window & Exterior Cleaning Case Studies

As professional window cleaners we are lucky to frequent some of most amazing architectural homes across our beautiful Sunshine Coast. One recent example is that of an ocean fronting home that is like no other!

No doubt the biggest challenge is direct and constant salt spray on the homes exterior (and infact interior as the design of the home is to use natural airflow and no powered cooling or heating)

As defined in our motto ‘window and exterior cleaning solutions’ we are tasked with ways to effectively and efficiently do maintenance cleans that will ensure the homes glass, framework and all exterior is well cared for.

We have devised several methods outside our normal routine that are tailored to ensuring a year round acceptable standard, including:

sunshine-coast-mobile-cleaning-water-drop  Certain use of softwash soaps 

sunshine-coast-mobile-cleaning-water-drop    Additives specific to help with salt for glass cleaning

sunshine-coast-mobile-cleaning-water-drop    Screen cleaning with use of UV inhibitors and glossing agents

sunshine-coast-mobile-cleaning-water-drop  Nanocoat protective glass coating for areas of the home more impacted by direct salt spray which promotes self cleaning properties

sunshine-coast-mobile-cleaning-water-drop  Customised tools for high reach and difficult access glass

Sunshine coast mobile cleaning Glass Window

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Professional Window Cleaning
  • Softwash cleaning
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Nanocoat glass protective coating

In short..Yes! With a professional window clean you will get better results than doing it yourself. You’ll save time and energy trying to do a task that requires the right equipment and skills and know-how much like any other trade. In some instances, it may even be cheaper to hire a professional when you consider your valuable time and the price of going out and purchasing all the tools necessary to complete the job and you won’t risk your own safety.

Window cleaning prices vary greatly – we cater for anything from a small villa to multi million dollar waterfront mansions and everything in between! An important point of difference for us, is that we charge the same rates for any property. The main factors are the overall quantity and type of. For example

  • how many window pane
  • type of windows (low set, high set, fixed panes, french windows, louvres, energy efficient glass etc
  • type of screens to be cleaned (fibreglass,stainless steel (bushfire rated), security screens (diamond mesh, crimsafe or similar products)
    *if you want all the framework, sills detailed and window and sliding doors tracks to be vacuumed, and wiped clean
  • Is it a first time clean, regular or new build (contruction clean/final builders clean)
    As a standard we do all internal and external glass, screens and tracks and detail of window frame and sills as a complete job
    Typically costs start at $150+gst being a minimum service charge, an average lowset home around $350+gst